Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

It was my Android phone deleting all my messages which led to this site being created. Yes, Android text messages can be restored. It doesn’t require any great technical knowledge on your part and it’s as simple as running a few tools and choosing the ones you want to save.

retrieve deleted text messages iphone

NEW for 2013: The LALLPT SMS Retrieval Software!

The LALLPT retrieval tool is free to download and designed to retrieve deleted text messages and is fully compatible with nearly all Android versions and models.

You can download the LALLPT tool for free here:



Note: The quicker you start the retrieval the higher the chance of full recovery. Run the tool as quickly as you can and avoid using your phone as much as possible before doing so.

Your phone contains memory locations which can still be holding the deleted messages. But because they’re marked as deleted your phone is happy to overwrite them. We want to get there before it does so we can safely move the messages back to safety.

It is important you use your phone as little as possible for the moment. The more data is moved around on your phone, the less you’re going to be able to recover. There’s quite a degree of luck to this and you won’t know what you can recover until the end but the less you use your phone for the moment the better the chance you can retrieve your messages. This includes everything from sending more texts to playing games. If you’ve already used it don’t panic. It won’t instantly overwrite the same part of the memory but just try and use it as little as possible. The recovery won’t take long so you won’t be stuck without a phone for long.

  • To start restoring your text messages you’ll need to look at which app you use. If you’re using anything other than the default for your handset check for a deleted folder and check the original messages app to see if the message has been kept there.
  • If you sync or create backups of your phone check the backups or re-sync your phone to a point where you still had the required messages.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android SIM

You can always check your settings to see if messages are being stored on the SIM card. Not stored here by default but if you’ve changed the settings then you’ll find your texts there as well as on the normal memory storage. It’s a long shot that you’ve already changed this but if you have then it’s a lot easier because SIM recovery is pretty simple.

Retrieve Deleted Text Message on Android Bug

Depending on your phone and the version of Android you’re using there is a bug which allowed deleted messages to still appear. You’ll need to be lucky enough for your phone to be the right version but it is worth trying.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on AndroidGo to your phone contacts list and select the contact whose message you deleted. If you scroll to the right you can see a list of messages. If your phone is the right version you will still see the deleted messages and you can copy them over. It essentially is an accidental ‘deleted folder’ and existed prior to the 2.2 update.

There’s a second bug you might want to check as well:

This one works with some of the SMS apps and not the others but it is worth a try. If you delete an entire thread of messages from the contact and add a new message to that thread it will restore everything including the originally deleted texts.

Note: It’s a good idea to test this with someone else first. Someone who you wouldn’t mind losing their messages. Delete their thread then send them a message and see if your entire thread restores including the deleted message. If it works then you can do it with your main thread.

These are bugs because they’re not supposed to be there and are patched out in the new versions. If these techniques didn’t work for you then check out our retrieving deleted messages pack.