Recover Deleted Text Messages Free or Paid

As we all become more and more dependent  on our mobile phones to store data we’re becoming more and more dependent on our text messages. This is fine – until they wind up deleted for whatever reason. Whenever there is a need for someone to do something (like recover deleted text messages) you’ll generally find someone looking to sell you a handy solution. Normally this is fine. I have no real beef with capitalism. Right up until they start selling you some useless tool which won’t actually do the job.

(Psst… Want to skip my rant about how bad all of these paid options are? Click here to get the free TextRar tool which focuses on the best free methods on recovering messages).

So what kind of rubbish do they sell?

Paid Text Message Recovery

SIM Card Readers

sim card readerFirst up there’s the people who try to sell you a SIM card recovery tool. Not only is this at least a decade outdated by this point but even when they did work there wasn’t a lot you could recover and the tools they sell are flimsy and barely work, if they do at all.

Stay far away. I’ve suggested them before here on the site but only when I’ve made it 100% clear this is a Hail Mary and even then it’ll likely only work when you’re working with an older phone which actually bothers to store messages on the SIM card. And, trust me, that’s pretty old.

Rating: 1/10 – (only to be used when you know your phone is storing messages on the SIM and even then it’s probably overwritten already).

Intercepting and Recovery Websites

Ugh. I wish these things were long gone already.

There are websites which present themselves as flashy and easy. You enter your phone number and email and they’ll email you all the messages that phone gets or has got in the past X amount of time. Now I’ll admit to a little jealousy they’re much better web developers and they can make their site look a lot better than I can. It also sounds really simple to do, so I can understand people wanting to believe it.

But I mean, really? I cringe when I see people believe this kind of nonsense. For a start if my cell carrier was giving out my messages to anyone who had my number they’d not keep my business long. Hell there’d probably be a pretty solid privacy case there.

They’re just trying to sell you something. It doesn’t work. Stop believing it. Just no.

Rating: -10/10 – I might actually have to slap you if you still try. When they steal your money don’t come crying to me.

Software and Apps

Recover Deleted Text Messages FreeThere are a few tools and apps I approve of.

A few.

Compared to the amount that are actually offered online we’re talking maybe 1% at best. These are the 1% that actually get some kind of result. Some are free and some are paid – but only a few bucks and I’d be happy to pay it because I know they work. The problem is it can be pretty specific depending on which phone you use so rather than suggest a bunch of different things we just bundle everything in the to our tool so hunting around for separate ones doesn’t really make sense.

Especially considering most of them are still rubbish.

Rating: 5/10 – if you get the right ones.

Forensic Services

Pretty mixed bag. Basically there are companies who will take your phone and recover the messages. That’s the idea at least. I’m pretty sure more than a few IT places have looked at this website to see if they could charge someone a fee for recovering deleted messages for free and then stick a price tag on their store.

But I’m sure there are some who know what they’re doing. They might have some self developed tools which go beyond the scope of what’s currently available publicly. I’ve heard good things about some but I’m yet to see evidence of any of them running anything but the same tools I’d normally suggest for TextRar users. So I wouldn’t specifically suggest any – and I certainly wouldn’t put down more than a small deposit without some kind of evidence they can recover your messages at all, but I wouldn’t write them off.

Rating 5/10 – again it’s hit and miss.

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