Privacy Policy

Don’t worry, we are not creepy stalkers who want your phone numbers or something. Our webserver does track some basic details about visitors. We’re talking browser types and versions (whether you use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome for example), the time you visited and your IP etc… It’s nothing we can really use to identify you as a person but it helps us make sure the site is working properly and displaying for everyone.

You will probably find cookies being used on the site. We’re not trying to track your visiting habits or anything like that. We use them to let people log into the site and selecet their phone models etc… Although the site is constantly changing so we might do without. But just keep in mind it is a possibility.

The advertising partners we use on the site might also use cookies or web beacons. Any tracking is done by third parties on their own servers and subject to their policies. That said we don’t want to chase away our users so we do our best to make sure our advertisers are reliable.

If you have a problem with this you can always disable cookies on your browser. The problem is that most websites use cookies frequently.