phone spy mistake
There is ONE BIG MISTAKE which can be so common and so DAMAGING I had to single it out to make sure that...

1) You don't fall for it.

2) You know how to avoid it.

3) How you can correct it if you've already done it.

This mistake is getting caught retrieving text messages on a phone.

Even if you're just doing it for peace of mind you don't want to get caught with the phone. Several reasons for this...

1) It won't help ANY relationship if they catch you.

2) They're likely to resort to a second phone or hiding things outside of the phone.

I've heard plenty of stories about people checking someones phone and getting caught. And it's so easy to avoid.

A lot of the crappy techniques out there involve taking the phone apart. Or plugging it into slow and unsuccessful tools.

This is the kind of thing which is going to get you caught red handed.

Or (perhaps worse) you install something on the phone which SHOWS UP. They'd notice it right away.

Instead you want something remote.

Something you can install in 30 seconds and hides away in the phone. Something you can check from your computer or your own phone.

Something like having a hidden ally inside the phone.


... how much better would it feel to have that peace of mind?

If you could find out and be 100% sure what they were hiding - or if they were hiding anything at all. How much better would it make things?

I can certainly tell you it helped Ben...

... And a lot of other people for that matter.

In fact the tool I suggest has had over 1,000,000 people use it. That's 100,000 people having peace of mind and finding out the truth.

And it couldn't be easier. PLUS you avoid the risk of getting caught.