Everything we've gone over up until now has been leading to this last very important step. This step is going to turn the tables... with just 30 seconds of access to the phone.

How to Intercept Text Messages

intercept text message
You've probably noticed I haven't mentioned the answer yet. It's because I wanted you to understand how much of a game changer this is. I wanted it to sink in.

So I've been holding out on you. For your own good.

But you're still with me. So it's time to give up the goods.

But - just before I do. Remember when I said it's not all about text messages?

I mean sure you can get a lot from the text messages. But a phone contains so much more. We're talking:

Phone calls.

SMS messages.

GPS location.


Instant messengers.

Videos and pictures.

Internet activity.


The sound around the mic.

And you can get all of this live. Remotely. From half way around the world straight to your phone or computer - you can see what's going on with their phone.

We're talking complete peace of mind. We're talking about getting the truth.

We're talking about having a hidden spy within their phone.


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