Dr.Fone makes it easy to retrieve deleted text messages on an iPhone 5, 4, 4S and can also restore data on an iPad.

And all in a few easy steps.

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Step 1: Download and Install

First step is to download and install the program. You can download the free demo by clicking here.

iphone recovery for windowsiphone downloadiphone recovery for mac

Once you've downloaded, open the file and start the install:

iphone install

Step 2: Connect The iPhone

Select the iPhone (or iPad) model you want to recover the deleted text message on.

iphone recovery

Close iTunes if you have it open. Connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable and select 'Recover from iOS Device'.

iphone scan

Step 3: Start Scanning

Follow the guide on the program to grant Dr.Fone access to the phone memory. It's easier if you follow the programs instructions but basically: Hold the power and home buttons on your iphone for 10 seconds and then release the power button while still holding the home button. Then click scan on Dr.Fone.

iphone setup

Leave the scan to run. It shouldn't take long but the longer you give it the better the chance it'll find your deleted text message.

Step 5: Restore Deleted Texts

On the left hand side you can select the type of data you're looking for. Contacts and messages etc... Text messages are shown as the fourth one down.

iphone deleted texts

You can browse through and select the messages or other data you're looking for and click "Recover" on the bottom right to restore them to your iphone.

iphone recovery for windowsiphone downloadiphone recovery for mac