How to Retrieve Deleted Snapchat Messages

Snapchat made its name, and quite a name that is with millions of users, based on the idea that you can’t recover your messages after the timer. But how true is this really? Can you retrieve deleted snapchat message?

Well yes, and no. But mostly yes.
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how to retrieve deleted snapchat

Software Scanning

Basically our retrieval process whether we are looking for old media or deleted text messages is to scan the memory locations of the phone looking for things that have been marked as deleted. You need to understand that when something has been deleted it’s not really gone. Not straight away at any rate. This would slow the phone down to have to rewrite everything in that memory location to zero, every time a file is deleted.

So instead what they do is they let the phone operating system (OS) know that the memory location has been deleted and it can overwrite it. It basically puts quotation marks around it making it fair game. It also hides the “deleted” data from the phone because it isn’t supposed to see that.

Now when it comes to recovering the deleted information on a phone we scan for anything marked as deleted and can unmark it. For Snapchat, things are a little different.

If it’s a video then the software saves the video directly to your phone. It automatically deletes it after the timer, but by scanning we can find it and recover it. Remember that the more you use your phone the more likely it is that data location will be used and your video will be lost for good.

So if you want to retrieve a deleted video Snapchats you can do the same as we do for text messages. You’ll find the download at the top right hand side. It’s marked for recovering deleted text messages but it’ll recover basically any data. You know the recycle bin on your computer? It holds all your deleted files before they’re actually deleted. There are apps which do the same thing for your phone and, again, because videos are stored on the memory it’ll pick those up.

Third Party Snapchat Apps

recover deleted snapchat messagesIf you’re planning ahead and want to be able to save photos without the telltale screenshot alert giving you away then this is possible. Basically your phone has local access to the image and there is only so much they can prevent you from doing. They might detect the standard screenshot but you can use a third party app to intercept the image and save it without the senders knowledge. It won’t even show that you viewed the snap.

The developers for these third party tools have to keep changing things around as Snapchat changes to stop them it becomes a bit of an arms race. So I’m not going to suggest any specific app to use but if you search the App Store or Google Play for Snapchat save, restore or even just Snapchat you’ll see what’s currently available. Note that at one point these apps required rooted handsets. While now, at the time of writing, you don’t need to root your phone – that could change. Snapchat obviously is going to patch their software continually to prevent this sort of thing and the app developers will have to keep working around them. There are also currently free apps which work, but again as the apps change this might as well.

The issue is if you have already viewed the Snapchat message and it’s an image. If you have a replay left you can use that in combination with a third party tool to intercept and save it again. But if you can’t load the message again then I’m afraid there’s nothing to recover. The image was never stored on your phone so there’s no way to retrieve it I’m afraid. Best suggestion would be message the person and tell them your Snapchat didn’t load the message properly and use a third party app when they send it again.

So It’s Possible?

It’s completely possible to restore and save Snapchat messages, the real question is should you?

The actual morals of this I’ll leave to you. Your friends or contacts are trusting you not to be able to see these images beyond a couple of seconds. If it’s just daft stuff you could get away with hitting the screenshot button but anything more and you’re breaking that trust.

So, no, it’s never a good idea to send pictures of yourself that you wouldn’t want seen again. And, yes to a point it’s possible to save snapchat messages. If this all sounds a bit too much like complicated work – you could always point a camera at the phone screen.

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