How to Intercept Text Messages

Intercepting text messages as they come through and retrieving deleted messages if they’re being removed off the phone is actually pretty easy. If you want to skip all the technical info and legality/morality debate then hit the download button at the top or take a look at the TextRar tool on the retrieve deleted texts homepage.

intercept text messagesYou don’t need any technical skills to do it but it usually requires actual physical access to the phone handset. Depending on how you want to do it it doesn’t even show anything on the handset to show that the text messages are being intercepted by a third party. You can retrieve the messages in batch or have a tool passively intercepting the messages as they come in.

Can We Do it?

Retrieving or intercepting a text message doesn’t really come down to the phone carrier (unless you’re getting some kind of court ordered interception through the network carrier of course). Because the main (and easiest) point of failure is going to be the mobile phone itself – that’s what needs to be possible.

The majority of us are using the more popular models such as Android, iPhone or BlackBerry. Some of us are even using Windows phones. It doesn’t matter if the phone has a touch screen or whatever features they pack into the model itself – what matters if the firmware.

The popular ones have flaws we can exploit to retrieve a deleted message or intercept new ones. If you want to check the legality of the handset in question click the link at the top and check compare it with the phone model. If it’s one of the major firmwares you’ll likely have at least one option.

Legality of Intercepting Text Messages?

Phone taps and spying on mobile phones is usually a sticky area. In fact it can be downright illegal depending on what you’re doing. Now full on disclaimer here – I’m not qualified to give legal advice. I’m not your lawyer and the law for this kind of thing can vary between countries or states.

If in doubt look up your local laws or just don’t do it.

In general (and I do mean in general – don’t go trying to convince people I said it was OK) you can do this to your own phone. In some cases you can also do it to your employee or child’s phone. Again in some cases this is illegal as well. There have been successful court cases against people installing a phone spy app onto the handset of their wife or a mother accessing her daughters Facebook account.

It comes down to a privacy issue and what you’re allowed to access. The morality is, of course, a whole other thing.

What Can Be Intercepted?

We’ve come a long way from just using our phones for text messages and phone calls. Basically anything our phone can receive – you can intercept. GPS positions, whatever is happening around the mic, Snapchats, Facebook messages, emails, Blackberry messages, whatsapp messages… the list goes on. If the phone receives it you can intercept it.

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