Using Dr.Fone to recover Android messages is easy, requires no technical knowledge and can recover specific messages or an entire SMS inbox in just a few steps.

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Step 1: Download and Install

First step is to download and install the program. You can download the demo by clicking here.

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Step 2: Connect Your Phone

Connect your Android handset to your computer while Dr.Fone is running. Try not to run any other Android file management tools at the same time (you'd know if you were).

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Step 3: Enable USB Debugging on Your Android (optional)

Don't worry this is easy and can improve text recovery rates.

The program will show you what to do on your phone. This will grant the software additional access to the memory on your phone. You might want to disable this again afterwards for security.

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Step 4: Scan the Android Handset

Follow the options on screen to scan your Android handset for deleted data. Ideally make sure that your phone has enough battery to stay on throughout the scan (suggested 20%).

You can enable "Deep Scan" mode to look harder for deleted data but it can take longer. This is suggested if you don't find anything on the first scan or you need to retrieve messages from a while ago.

scan deleted text messages

Step 5: Preview and Restore Deleted Data

On the left hand side you can select the type of data you're looking for. Contacts and messages etc...

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You can browse through and select the messages or other data you're looking for and click "Recover". As simple as that!

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