About Us

So you want to learn a little about us, eh? Well I can’t blame you for that. I mean we’re pretty awesome people.

Basically what you have here is a group of tech obsessed people with too much time on their hands. Basically I was looking for a new project to do for my portfolio and I checked my phone for ideas. For some reason my phone crashed and deleted all my messages in front of my eyes.

I looked online for a way to retrieve my messages and couldn’t find anything actually useful. Two birds with one stone!

So a few friends and I now run TextRar to help people recover their phones. We’re not a business or anything and we don’t take your phone by post or anything. We just try and help people recover their data themselves and really it’s not that hard.

The Legal Stuff

It wouldn’t be a website without the boring legal stuff right? But this is important so listen up.

We are not associated with, supported by or tennis partners of AppleAndroidBlackBerry or any of the phones or networks we talk about. If we use a picture or logo their copyrights and rights etc… all belong to them.

We are also not a huge company who guarantee to restore all your messages for a fee. This is a hobby site made to help people. We’ll do our best and we keep things updated as often as possible but we simply can’t promise to restore every text. It depends on a lot of factors and the faster you get started the more chance you’ll have of restoring them.